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And what you can actually do to speed up your writing journey.

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By clicking on this story means that you’ve already tried to write a couple of articles on the Internet and you’ve struggled to publish them into your dream publications.

You’ve probably failed to achieve it.

But I’m not here to judge you for your writing journey so far. I’m in…

No, I’m not a 6-figure digital entrepreneur.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels

If there is one thing we all Googled last year (besides COVID-19), that is how to make money online. Really, who didn’t search for new ways to make more money on the Internet since all of us were imprisoned in our homes?

Millions of people lost their jobs overnight (myself…

Advice for all the impatient, aspiring creators out there

Photo by George Milton on Pexels

Everyone talks about side hustles and passion project ideas these days on the Internet. It’s the new addiction.

The truth is that that’s absolutely normal since more and more people decide to quit their corporate jobs and start their online businesses. …

Quitting your job is not the only one

Photo by George Milton on Pexels

Do you like writing about whatever comes into your mind? Do you publish videos on YouTube? Are you a TikTok creator? Or are you passionate about making online courses to help other people learn from your experience?

If you answered “YES” at least to one of the above questions, then…

Even my father resigned yesterday!

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels

While sitting on the couch and watching some random videos on YouTube, I hear my father’s phone ringing. He doesn’t recognize the number at first sight. He looks skeptical if he should answer or not.

A few seconds later, he answered.

It was his new boss. He told him that…

An opinion from an ex-journalist who struggles to become a data analyst.

Photo by SHVETS production on Pexels

Last summer I took one of the boldest decisions of my life. After being fired from my last job and finishing my studies in Journalism, I made a 360 career change; I decided to become a data analyst.

In case you’re wondering if there is any common point between journalism…

Although it’s not too late yet to do them.

Photo by Kindel Media on Pexels

Watching recently one of Matt D’ Avella’s videos called “My biggest regret of my twenties,” I heard a phrase you’ve also heard 1,000 times in the past.

“At the end of our lives, we are not going to regret for the things that we did, but for the things that…

One and a half years after chasing the Youtube dream

Photo by Liza Summer on Pexels

In April 2020, while the first wave of the pandemic was at its peak, I decided to dive into the shining world of YouTube.

Of course, I was not the only one. I know many people who started their YouTube channels during that period because most of them lost their…

A short game development tutorial for beginners

If you are a newbie on game development and you have no idea how to build your first video game, then this tutorial will help you learn the basics of Unity.

I know that at first sight, the interface of this game engine seems quite overwhelming for beginners because it…

No more sacrifices for awful jobs.

Photo: Vickie Intili/Pexels

The other night I found one of the funniest work-related memes that I’ve ever read.

It went like this.

Can you explain this gap on your resume?” That’s a typical question by HR managers, right?

The answer was “yeah, that was when I felt joy for the only time in…

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